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... Build Our Sacred Lodge ...


The Shingletown Sanctuary is raising funds for a Tipi! We have the perfect place near the creek and in the North East.

We want EVERYONE who would like to have their part in it to Donate! When you come up (if you'd like) we will paint your hands and you can leave your hand print on the Tipi.

Thanks sister Aja for the wonderful idea :)

Having a ceremonial lodge for sacred events, gathering and workshops throughout the year will truly be a blessing!!! And sitting in a circle with the fire in the center .... Amazing!  When the Tipi is ready we will have a Lifting Up Ceremony and raise the Tipi!!

We have chosen to work with Nomadic Tipi Makers out of Bend Oregon. I have enjoyed working with them and am impressed by the positive energy, videos, website and the woman I spoke with was lovely. They have provided the videos and links below. The listened to what we were looking for and took time to ask what was preferred.! So they know what we require and have provided a quote: which does not include the fire pit or ground prep.  Our goal is 10,000 for the Sacred Lodge!


Let's Build a Sacred Lodge!


Thank you for your donation!

Thanks Everyone

for adding to the pot

at the end of the Rainbow ... our Ceremonial Lodge!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to call the Sanctuary at 530 448 1199 or email me at

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye

May we Celebrate with Joy!

Nomadics Tipi Makers 

Tel: 541-389-3980 |

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