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Starting with the lesson from Grandma and building ....

an ether space of joy.

Lesson's from Grandma

From A Workbook of light and Luna ..Sharing Smiles

Happy Flight!


Congrats Katie & Wren!

On the cover even!!!

Some of us remember many, many years ago Katie's intention was to FLY! She wanted to be a pilot.

She was the only person who ever pulled all birds in a reading!!!

We set intentions, sent her lots of love with each testing ...

and she did it! She Soars!

Now as a Mother she soars with her children, in beauty and Grace.

Wren has grown into a lovely woman. It seems only a moment ago she was a toddler!

When Katie shared this article .... well I wanted to share it too ... If you click the picture it will open up the article :)


May it bless you!


Debi's Poem of Peace

Debi LeFaye's Walk in Peace

Brother Tusk's Blessings


We are sharing Carry On,

which was recorded on a magical

Easter Sunday,

a dream of Brother Tusks.


We never got to polish and finish,

as he left this realm that summer.


This is to honor him and

keep my promise to keep singing.

Also attached is a pdf of photos and narrative.


Be Blessed & Blessed Be,


Click image

'Carry On' -debi LeFaye

cover for Carry On by Debi LeFaye

Click image for the PDF 

'In Honor of Brother Tusk'