Posting around the Seasons

... art from my upcoming animated audiobook LESSON'S AROUND the CIRCLE.

Please Enjoy!

The fertile, blooming, fiery energy celebrating the Summer Solstice!
Power of the South!

A time of Sunshine, warmer and longer days.

Summer Solstice ... a celebration ... of most light!



Sing and Dance!

Laugh and Play!

A time of blooming, the beauty of the blossom!

Ahh ... The magic it draws.

The magic of the Summer energy in the South ... has its place of power in the circle.

May this summer bring blessings of light.

May this summer bring blessings of the bloom.

May this summer's warmth energize you.

May you walk in peace though this season.

... with harm to none and goodwill to all.

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye