Blessing the Month

Blessings from the Academy,

How about ... instead of Wednesdays being hump day,

making wonder-filled, wonderful Wednesdays.

This is what the Academy will be doing for our Wonderful Wednesdays.

Personally, I am making Wednesday a day to be extra kind to myself and others.

A highlight of something special for the week.

We would love to hear how you make Wednesday yummy :)


Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye

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May Your Harvest be Abundant!

May your chaff be removed, bringing health!

May you be blessed this Lammas Day!

With harm to none and goodwill to all!

Be Blessed & Blessed Be!

Debi LeFaye

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Monday, August 1

We celebrate the good harvest in our gardens and in our lives

... and remove that which no longer serves us!

May this Lammas Day BLESS you!!

May you have many seeds to collect, savor and save for future crops.

May you be clear of things that no longer serve you.

May you laugh with gratefulness, and Dance with joy!

Feasting on the good seeds - good fruit in your life!

In Celebration of the Lammas, the Academy will offer a FREE smudge & blessing. Wednesdays 9am - 10am.

At the Academy of the Ancient Arts Sanctuary.

We also have our Fall Workshop Schedule up with the Lammas :)

Lots of to look forward to!

Please Enjoy this month's website! The theme is the first harvest ... Lammas.

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye

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