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Debi LeFaye

Readings are a tool to help you on your sacred path.

Readings are done to the highest good
with the understanding that the choices we make affect our outcome.

The cards are cleansed by smudging with sacred smoke prior to a reading.

A candle is lit as Grandmother is introduced.
She began teaching me as a child, sharing her love and wisdom from old traditions
handed down generation to generation from her Scottish roots.

As the candle is lit, an intention is set for the reading to go to the highest good.

Three divinatory tools are used when doing a reading.
Three is the number that brings clarity and focus.
Three colors can make a rainbow. Good energies to have in a reading!

Anointing oil is used at the close of the reading to bless the person being read. If it is a reading on line (thru the magic scrying window) a blessing is given without the anointing oil.

After the reading, the person being read 'Makes a wish and blows out their candle'. 

Putting your wish/intent in your breath and sending it with the flame to the universe and beyond,
with harm to none and goodwill to all.

Contact us if you are interested,
Be Blessed & Blessed Be,
Debi LeFaye
Debi LeFaye n Grandma Chris
Debi LeFaye

Me & Grandma

Work trades and barters are available.

It's about the energy being in balance, so the reading can go to the highest good.

Contact Debi to make arrangements.

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