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Beltane Ceremony


The Schedule


Monday April 29

Arrival and Set Up, Smudging and Greetings, Feasting around the Fire & Music

For those who would like to rough it, and stay on sanctuary land an area will be set up for camping, and Carolynn has opened up her land as well. AB&Bs are available close by for those who like that option :) 


Tuesday April 30 Beltane Eve

We will be dividing into 2 groups.


Those who wish to stay at the sanctuary where there will be horses to experience with Carolynn,

baby goats born in April, flower collecting and decorating, (depending on Jaq's health) aroma therapy blending and  My Black Knight, Chaz will be here.


The second group and I will travel 45 min to Shasta Caverns, we will travel across Lake Shasta on an open air ferry to a bus that will take us to the cavern's entrance. We will hike to the Cathedral Cavern and open sacred space with song and then I will share the meditation given to me of Beltane's Garden and the Crown of Jewels :)


We will all gather back at the Sanctuary for blessings, sharing and ...!

Wednesday May 1 Beltane

Readying for the Beltane Ceremony


Feasting, singing and celebrating SPRING!!!

Three day Ceremony at the Shingletown Sanctuary

If you plan on attending, please sign up! This info will help us set everything up!

4/29 - 5/1 


We’d love to see you on Beltane
How will you attend?

Thanks for registering. See you there!

The Donation
Ceremony is Priceless! And no price can truly be set.
That being said,

Everyone should contribute to make the Ceremony Powerful and to get the most out of the Ceremony. Donations can be financial, work trades etc. Please let us know what you will be contributing to help us better plan. 


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