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Welcome Spring!!!

Enjoy the art from

Lessons Around the Circle

March 20 is the Spring Equinox!

Night and Day are balanced on the Equinox, then Light will increase over Darkness,

Temperatures will warm, as life awakens green and growing!

Animals will bring forth new life!

The birds become more active and engage in nest building & mating.

Life is so Alive!

We will be celebrating the Equinox at the Sanctuary in Shingletown

Monday March 20 @ noon

We will be blessing seeds and seedlings and

Celebrating the Balance of Equinox energy!

Goat Babies on the Way!!!

We are excited and preparing for the birth of 5 new kids.

Our goat mammas are due in early April!


We will post pictures on our website (sanctuary page) when they arrive!

( Last years kids, click image for more pics)

Spring Blessing!

May the East clear your mind and lift all negative thoughts,

bringing lightness and clarity,

May the South warm you, energize you and bring laughter to your life!

May the West water's wash you clean, making your heart sparkle!

May the North bless you with fertile ground to plant your heart's desire.

With harm to none and goodwill to all.

Be Blessed & Blessed Be!

Debi LeFaye

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