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Tomorrow is Imbolc!

Blessings of Imbolc!

Please Enjoy the Imbolc Art we created!

Now available on merchandise in our Gift Shop :)


May the East awaken deep stirrings, ideas and enlightenment.

May the South awaken warmth and light.

May the West bring cleansing rains to wash our hearts clean.

May the North bring the sustenance to grow in strength.

We will be celebrating Imbolc at the Sanctuary tomorrow at Noon.

All are welcome!

We will be planting purple shamrocks for good luck and abundance!

Download DOCX • 842KB

May we all have a yummy, wonder-filled Imbolc!

February's Website is up!

Please enjoy a walk thru the magical ether space :)

Be Blessed & Blessed Be!

Debi LeFaye

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