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Help: Save the Herd at Camp Rich!

Blessings Everyone!

Chaz and I hold a special place in our hearts for Camp Richardson's! Corral

  • When I was injured they helped out,

  • Chaz and I were married there,

  • I had the honor of marrying Quint and Kelly,

  • They loved my children.

So much love!!!!

So many sacred gatherings there hold very, very dear memories,

If you can help ... send energy or cash or both! ... I would be so very grateful!!!!

"Camp Richardson Corral, family owned and operated since 1934, celebrating its 90th year of operation this season, has long been a staple of South Lake Tahoe. Quint and Kelly Ross, the owners, have been dealt a devastating blow in recent weeks. An equine virus with neurologic symptoms, for which there is no vaccine, has spread throughout their herd. They have been valiantly working around the clock to save their beloved furry family. They have lost the battle with some and are still struggling to save others. With exorbitant vet bills, ongoing expensive medication needs and compromised business for the foreseeable future, you can imagine the enormous emotional and financial toll this has taken on these kind, hardworking people. Please help them in any way you can. Let us show them how South Lake Tahoe takes care of its own!

Thank you!"

Here is the Go Fund Me link

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye

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