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Happy New Moon!

Ahhh ... Beautiful July Nights!

May the New Moon bring:

New Beginnings!

Energized Blessings!

Heart-felt Beauty

Blessed Bounty!

with harm to none and goodwill to all!!!!!

Many thanks to those who have donated to Camp Richardson's Corral!!!

And to Our Ceremonial Lodge (Tipi)!!!

I spoke with Quint and he wanted me to thank Everyone for their kindness. Their vet bill is over 30,000 dollars and growing! He was so gracious and kind when we talked, saying they would somehow get to the other side, but it is devastating.

Gratitude for all the out pouring of love was a healing balm.

So thanks and let's keep sending our blessings to them!

Our Wedding at Camp Rich many moons ago!!!!

We are also raising funds for our sacred lodge!

Please remember to leave your name when you donate so I can paint it on the Tipi!

The names will make a border :) I am creating dyes from sanctuary land to paint with!!!!

It is going to be so magical!!!! The goal is to place the order by Lammas Day!!!!

May this month truly bless you!!!!

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye

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