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Friday is Fall Equinox!

We will be Celebrating at the Sanctuary with a focus on Balance and Kindness

This is a time of Balance between night and day and celebration of the Harvest

and so my Beloved Black Knight and I took vows together on the Fall Equinox in 1996,

after having met on a magical Hallowsmas in 1994.

What a magical ceremony ... that has blessed us all these years!

And continues to today!

We are even more in love now :)

Looking forward to this magic filled day!

Chaz and I will be re-sharing our love in sacred space,

blessing the sacred corn and filling our cornucopia with Gratitude!

We are grateful to those who will be joining us!

Blessings to those who are traveling!

May your Equinox bring

Kind thoughts in with every breath!

Energy and vitality!

Balance in your heart and mind,

and the bounty of the harvest!!!!

Harming none and blessing many!

Have a wonder filled, blessed and balanced Fall Equinox,

as we enter the quiet time, the dream time.

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye

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