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Blessings of New Moon, Thanks-Giving and Celebrations!

Celebrating our Blessings!

With joy!


Tomorrow is the New Moon!

A time to set new intentions for the month ahead.

A wonderful time to set goals and be inspired for the lunar cycle ahead.

The moon is fresh from the void, ready to begin the lunar cycle afresh.

May this lunar cycle bless you!

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Thanksgiving is Thursday!

We are blessed to celebrate this week with grand-babies and family from as far away as Sweden!

What a blessing!!!!

We are sooooo grateful! Bounty of the heart!



An animated audio book

teaching the 4 elemental powers bringing balance and blessing to your life!

4.99 each / the Intro is FREE!

Check them out!


The Academy gift shop

has some yummy gifts with sacred art from my beloved Black Knight and I.

Be sure to take a peek for your Holiday shopping :)

We really enjoy the puzzles!

The cups are lovely and well made

... "as a coffee drinker it has been fun to have a mug for each season" ...

Take a moment and Enjoy!


Mountain Wood Floors is Back!!!

My Beloved Black Knight, Charles will has restarted Mountain Wood Floors!!!

We are happy and excited to see his talent bless many homes with beautiful floors!



.... I did want to add some 'smiles' shared by KT Writer in the spirit of Thanksgiving ...

Here they are ...

"My smile of the week is this: I gifted a friend, $20 as a random act of appreciation and that day, when I heard that she paid $20 for a woman's bill in the grocery store. That same day, my own mother gave my daughter and son and I each $20 for our travel day back home and on our way to the airport, a man approached my daughter in a Trader Joe's parking lot for some spare change and she gave him the $20. We saw him walking down the street looking so very happy. It seems like a good lesson of being open with how to share one's abundance and how it comes and go's when you are generous with others, it blesses you right back. For us, it was all in the same day. A good lesson for my children to witness and we all talked about how happiness is in being generous and giving and receiving freely.

My second smile of the day was when I went to our public library in Alaska to vote and there were all the librarians favorite books of the month. After voting, I saw the title, "Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World" by Meagan Feldman.

It was so cool to see one of the most talented writer's work here in Alaska on a topic that is so very important in our world...I read the book 4 years ago and think that I'll read it again this winter...She is an amazing journalist who's journey to write this book was so brave and courageous and insightful..with such purpose of forgiveness and compassion. I wish her continual success!"

Thanks KT!!! Megan is a wonderful friend and circle,

the message in her book is a powerful one!


Truly a blessed time of sharing and joy!

May this Thanks - Giving be one of balance and blessing!

May the East winds bring kindness to our words,

May the South bring energy!

May the West wash us clean and bless us with a forgiving heart.

May the North bring bounty with joy.

with harm to none and goodwill to all!!!

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye

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