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Blessings Everywhere!!!

What an Amazing Beltane we had!! The land exploded with flowers and our 'Beltane Tree' lit up with roses as it does every Beltane! So Beautiful!!! We had butterflies everywhere we went ... on the ferry at the caver's entrance and exit, looking out the window of the car and at the sanctuary! What a wonder filled sign!

I have created a link because we have so many photos and I wanted to share them without sending a massive email! It was sooooooo amazing and magical!!!

The caverns were amazing and to sing in them and lead meditation was truly sacred and blessed!!!

On the Beltane we traversed the sanctuary's land collecting flowers. Two of the girls made amazing head - hat pieces for us! We danced the Maypole with our intentions and celebrated Spring!!!

May this season bring bright blessings as beautiful as the Mayday flowers!

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye

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