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Blessing of the Yule!

Fire spirits dance as the Yule Log burns.
the Solstice Fire

We will be celebrating the longest night at the Academy Sanctuary in Shingletown.

December 21 @ 5pm

All are Welcome - Just let us know your coming!

530 448 1199

29670 Westmoore Rd / Shingletown Ca 96088

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We will be burning the yule log,

Lighting up our intentions to increase with the light.

Sharing gifts of what we wish others to increase in.

Honoring our loved ones.

with harm to none and goodwill to all.

May your Yule be BLESSED!!!

May you sing and dance with joy on this longest night!

May you gift with love ...

Bringing joy to others makes our fire bright :)

Celebrating with our acts the returning of the light

May the warmth of kindness and love light your solstice fire.

And as the light grows everyday, may your light grow with smiles and laughter.

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,


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