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Welcome June!

Blessings from the Academy!

June's Website is Up!

May June welcome you with a happy heart!

May the East bring joyful thoughts.

May the South energize those thoughts into actions.

May the West heart be filled with kindness.

May the North bring abundance in many forms!

.... with harm to none and goodwill to all!

May June be filled with Bright Blessings!

We will be celebrating Summer Solstice at the Sanctuary in Shingletown.


We are dreaming a big 3-day Celebration for the Fall Equinox!

The celebration will focus on Balance & Kindness!

Very, very Exciting!!!!


Goats are doing Great!

Cheese, yogurt and cream are being supplied to use with goat love :)

Hens are happily laying :)

The garden is in, all the seedlings are in there bed and direct sown seeds, have been sown.

It looks so amazing!


Thanks to a generous donation.

Driveways are being re-rocked

We will be adding on to the barn this summer, a new milking room!

And more work will be done on Dragonfly Lagoon, our magical swimming hole!

We were also able to donate to our local library which is completely community supported and RAIN our local animal rescue.

Much gratitude!!!!

With a grateful heart,

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye

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