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Blessings for the Hallowsmas

May you be blessed ...

by precious memories.

May you release ...

with the beauty of the falling leaves.

May you find ...

quiet peace in the lengthening nights.

May you have ...

joy in your bounty.

With harm to none and goodwill to all!


2023 Academy Calendar

Please enjoy the 2023 Academy Calendar.

A gift from the Academy. May your year ahead be BLESSED!

Download PDF • 138.21MB


Lunar Rituals at the Sanctuary!

Lunar rituals at the Sanctuary will resume in November!

All are welcome!

Please bring something to share :)

Lunar Ritual Schedule

Full Moon 11/8 @ 6pm -Making Holy Water

Download PDF • 380KB

Waning Moon 11/16 @ 6pm -Sacred Fire to remove the Ickies

Download PDF • 430KB

New Moon 11/22 @ 6pm-Setting intent for the lunar cycle ahead

Download PDF • 523KB

Waxing Moon 11/30 @ 6pm -Candle Magic increasing intentions energy.

Download PDF • 505KB


Cancelled until Spring

We will always be open for a smudge and a blessing.

However do to the changing weather we will not be holding Wonderful Wednesdays until spring kisses us with her warmth :)

We will Let

Mother Earth determine the time to begin again :)

Thanks to all of those who stopped by!!!

It was .... WONDER-FULL!

Be Blessed & Blessed Be!

Debi LeFaye

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