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Beltane Blessings

... and a Happy May!

Happy Beltane Everyone!!!

Life is waking!

The air is filling with bees, birds and butterflies,

The trees are flowering their scent carrying over the land.

Charlie's Creek is singing loudly, dancing over the rocks and between the trees.

The goat babies are bouncing,

Enjoying the green awakening and munching happily!

The green house is filled with seedlings ready to enter the garden,

Other Seeds have been directly sown in the garden.

The land is a Beltane Celebration! We are joining in at noon :)

May Your Beltane be Blessed!

Filled with new life and increasing warmth!

May the winged ones bring joy to you as the grace the air.

May the beauty of the flowers bring joy to your heart!

With harm to none and goodwill to all!

Be Blessed & Blessed Be!


Website for May is up :)

Please Enjoy!!!

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