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Academy of the Ancient Arts

An Earth Temple

Celebrating the life and beauty in this realm.

The lunar cycles and seasonal changes are rhythms we follow, bringing the balance and wisdom of nature.

Free to name our Gods, Goddesses, angels or totems, without judging others’ paths.

Vowed to live our lives with harm to none and goodwill to everyone.

We honor the four Directions - Elements, and the balance between the Masculine and the Feminine.

Here to love this realm!

To love and care for the Earth,Each other, Our animal friends, the air, water, rocks and fire,

Even the unseen that co-exist among us.

A lawful ministry of the Universal Life Church. 


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Be Blessed & Blessed Be!

Winter Solstice - December 21

We will be burning the Yule log and
Celebrating the Light's Return! 

Starting at sunset.

Solar System

Lunar Rituals at the Sanctuary

Celebrate the Lunar Cycles and the Energy they hold!

Click Lunar Images for more information.

Full Moon Image

Full Moon 12/26 Tuesday at Moonrise 

Celebrate the Full moon! Make Holy Water.

Waning Moon Image

Waning Moon 12/4 Monday at Noon

Fire ceremony!

Nwe Moon Image

New Moon 12/12 Tuesday 10 am

Setting intentions for the lunar cycle ahead.

Waxing Moon Image

Waxing Moon 12/19 Tuesday at 2pm 

Bring a candle to carve and bless.


Using forces of Earth, Air, Water and Fire,
Lunar Energies and Solar Power 
with harm to none and goodwill to all

Please Enjoy!


Click Calendar symbols for more information

Dark Moon Image
Waning Moon Image
New Moon Image
Waxing Moon Image
Full Moon Image

Click to Download

Calendar Art Debi LeFaye


May the East bless you with Clarity!
May the South bless you with with Energy!
May the West Waters bless you
r heart!
May the North bless you with true wealth.
With harm to none and goodwill to all!


Debi LeFaye

debi n Scionaka
Debi N Nakoda
Debi n the butterflies
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Blessings from the Sanctuary! Wow! November flew by!!! Sooo much happiness and goodness opened up! The land and sanctuary are having a lot of improvements!!! I wrote my first children's book Early Lesson's from Grandma: Mirror Magic. It poured out of me and is now in production. The sanctuary has been able to bless the Shingletown Food Closet!!! Our goal, no one hungry and bless the animal shelter RAIN in Shingletown ... no furry 4 leggeds hungry either! Yeah!!! We were able to Stuff the Bus in Redding and do so much good it makes me giddy!!!! The goat gits Emma and Billy are at the breeders and the herd is doing great! We are planning a 3 day event for Beltane ... lots of good magic in the works!!! May you be so VERY blessed! Be Blessed & Blessed Be, Debi

Lessons Around the Circle 

New animated, Audio Lessons sharing sacred truths around the wheel!

Now for Sale!!!

It's so fun ... like a pop up book!

Please enjoy the intro for free!





Click image for more info

Cover to Debi LeFaye's Around the Circle
Cover Chapter 1 Debi LeFaye's Around the Circle
Cover Chapter 2 Debi LeFaye's Around the Circle
Cover Chapter 3 Debi LeFaye's Around the Circle
Cover Chapter 4 Debi LeFaye's Around the Circle
Cover Chapter 5 Debi LeFaye's Around the Circle
Cover Chapter 6 Debi LeFaye's Around the Circle
Cover Chapter 7 Debi LeFaye's Around the Circle

Free Intro!!!

Remembrance-DebiLeFaye - 12_18_22, 10.45 AMDebiLeFaye
00:00 / 03:24

Enjoy the Waltz,


A Gift from the Sanctuary!      

Check out the January post for the lyrics.

copyrighted 2022

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Mug photo by my beloved black knight
Lady of Autumn Canvas by debi lefaye
clock art by Debi LeFaye

The Sanctuary is Open for:

HighDay Ceremonies, Lunar Rituals and FestivitiesWorkshops and in person Readings

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,


Let Nature speak of Wonder to You.

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