Be Blessed & Blessed Be!

Academy of the Ancient Arts

We are ...
An Earth Temple celebrating the life and beauty in this realm.
The lunar cycles and seasonal changes are rhythms we follow,
bringing the balance and wisdom of nature.

Free to name our Gods, Goddesses, angels, or totems,
without judging others’ paths.

Vowed to live our lives with harm to none and goodwill to everyone.

We honor the four Directions - Elements,
and the balance between the
Masculine Divine and the Feminine Divine.

Here to love this realm! To love and care for the Earth,
Each other, our animal friends, the air, water, rocks and fire,
Even the unseen that co-exist among us.

A lawful ministry of the Universal Life Church. 


Using: Elemental forces of Earth, Air, Water and Fire,
Lunar Energies and Solar Power 
with harm to none and goodwill to all

butterfly and flower

Please enjoy the


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Beltane Bunnies
May 2022 Academy Calendar
2022 Academy Calendar

Debi LeFaye


Many Blessings at the Academy Sanctuary,

The Academy Sanctuary is blooming with life and blessings!

A time of life and awakening. Going to be a Granny again! So grateful!


The greenhouse is filled with seedlings rising to touch the air and feel the sun.


Our goat herd has doubled and we are grateful for the bounty of milk, yogurt and cheeses as well as the bounty of eggs our hens are blessing us with! And for the larger barn our Black Knight, my beloved built. So much to be grateful for.

I am on the last chapter of Around the Circle,

a new animated, audio book sharing sacred truths around the wheel!

It's so fun ... like a pop up book!

The last chapter will have 2 songs and the seed meditation to tie it together.

Putting the Academy's recording studio to good use:)

A special thanks to those reviewing it and adding feedback!!!

Thanks to Star Link we have decent internet, the Academy can now offer online services, readings and more to come!

As the Covid situation changes we will be opening up the sanctuary for

HighDay Ceremonies and Festivities, 

workshops and in person readings. 


We are looking forward to this:)

Happy May Everyone!

Be Blessed & Blessed Be :)-




May the East Bring the scent of Spring, Awakening your mind.

May the South's warmth increase your vitality.

May the West's water surround you with loving friends.

May the North's bounty bring blessings.

with harm to none and goodwill to all.

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“The power of the moon to move the oceans,
can be tapped into and bless our lives.”

Debi LeFaye

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