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Happy 2024!!!

May your intentions rise from the deep place of Winter ... the dream,

Into reality that blesses and grows with the light ...

Be Blessed!

The Sanctuary is starting off the year with soooo much yumminess!!!

Check it Out!!!

My first children's book (which will be a series)

Early Lessons from Grandma: Mirror Magic

These will be available on the New Moon this month 1/11

via the website or the Academy

11 X 8.5 Blessed & Signed with a lil' something extra!

The 9 X 7 size will be available POD (print on demand)

via Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Walmart, BookBaby

on my Beloved's Birthday! 2/22

We are also planning an AMAZING Beltane!!!

For those who are physical ...

A guided meditation I was given to share at the Shasta Caverns!!!

In the Cathedral Room!!!

A trip across Lake Shasta to the magical caverns inside the mountain!!!

this will be the start of a 2 Day ceremony.

-Photo by my beloved Black Knight

Those who do not wish for the hike to the Earthen Cathedral ...

Will set up and play with special activities and blessings going on at the sanctuary!

The following day we will raise the Maypole and CELEBRATE spring with Joy!!

Feasting, Singing, Dancing at the Shingletown Sanctuary!

Rising up from the deep and beautiful place to fly like a butterfly!

AND ....

Both are goat girls Billy and Emma are Pregnant!!!

Billy Jean with 2 - 3 kids is due April 9

Emma with 2 kids is due April 21


May your year ahead be filled with hope!

May your year ahead be energized with light!

May your year ahead be Kind!

May the Year ahead bring wellness and peace.

with harm to none and goodwill to all!

Be Blessed & Blessed Be,

Debi LeFaye

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